Traces: Meditations

April 24, 2019

On the occasion of Yoko Ono’s exhibition LIBERTÉ CONQUÉRANTE/GROWING FREEDOM, presented from April 25 to September 15, 2019, our Traces space has been transformed into a reading and resting nook.

A trail-blazing and unclassifiable artist, Yoko Ono has left unique and profound traces in all artistic fields. This reading room gives you the opportunity to explore her work by making available catalogues, magazines, and books on different themes available. You will be able to explore her early career, as she was in conversation with many avant-garde artistic movements of the 1960s while keeping her fierce independence. You will be able to follow her art as it left its mark on Japan, the United States, England, and Quebec, borrowing from multiple influences and weaving them together to resonate worldwide. It will also be possible to consult texts on her most recent work, which maintains an incredible force of affirmation, hope, and generosity that continues to engage us all.

In addition, this building emphasizes Yoko Ono’s ‘instructions’, which invite us to imagine or perform certain actions. By highlighting the introspective dimension of Ono’s art, the Traces space also offers a moment of pause, of meditationto prolong your experience.