A New Yorker, a Former DJ, an Artist, an Architect and a Caterer

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Jeudi 4 octobre 2012

A New Yorker, a Former DJ, an Artist, an Architect and a Caterer

Put a New Yorker, a former DJ, an artist, an architect and a caterer together for a creative experience, and the results are sure to be fascinating! This is what happened on Saturday, September 29th for the Journées de la Culture Open House at DHC/ART.

We began by following Alexandre Quessy and Nelly-Ève Rajotte, two artists involved with the art center Perte de Signal, in their enchanting and inspiring description and demonstration of Synthesthesia, the workshop that they developed (along with other Perte de Signal members) to accompany the Ryoji Ikeda exhibition at DHC/ART. The workshop includes creating black and white collages that become experimental sound compositions when read by the software Synthesthesia, developed by Alexandre.

It was truly a privilege to listen to Alexandre and Nelly-Ève discuss ideas from their initial brainstorm for the workshop (including an apparatus resembling an “easy-bake oven!”), and to watch them manipulate their sound toys with such mastery and yet still with the ability to play and explore. The participants then had a chance to create their own collages and to navigate the “instruments” individually. The workshop ended with a grand finale: a jam session between all participants, whereby they integrated their audio creations to the sounds created by their neighbours at the other stations. The orchestra of beats, rhythms, and melodies that ensued was mesmerizing.

We then embarked on a visit of the Ryoji Ikeda exhibition, throughout which we made links to the workshop that they had just experienced. Everyone had their two cents to add concerning the influence of data and technology in our lives, the role of the sublime in the exhibition, and questioning the existence of silence – among many other topics. Thanks to all of the participants for their collaboration in this event!

Amanda Beattie
DHC/ART Education

If you are interested in attending an Open House event at DHC/ART with DHC/ART educators and Perte de Signal artists, you have one more chance!  Our final Open House is on Saturday, October 27th from 1 to 4pm.  To reserve a spot, please send an email to: [email protected]

Photos: Daniel Fiset

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