Happening: park, sing, seed, send with karen elaine spencer

Publication Date
Friday, October 18, 2019

As a final celebration of the workshop The World Is Full of Everything It Needs, karen elaine spencer and the Fondation Phi’s Education and Public Engagement Team invited the general public to a Happening entitled park, sing, seed, send.

For The World Is Full of Everything It Needs, participants were entrusted with grapefruits on which they were asked to write four words: a place, an action, a thing and any word they would like. In small teams, participants would then have to use words from the fruits of their peers, as well as their own words, to come up with instructions to be written out on postcards. These instructions, often absurd, invited participants to reconsider the place of art in the everyday, and proposed another way of conceiving a creative gesture.

Throughout the last few months, we have been conserving participants’ instructions. Some of these instructions were carefully entrusted to us, while others were forgotten in the gallery or left behind. With this event, we wished to activate the potential performances proposed in these postcards, which can be read as scripts, scores or partitions. Throughout the Happening, we interpreted the instructions according to various strategies.

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