Movements: Lee Bae – On “Heritage”

Publication Date
Thursday, April 29, 2021

This video is complementary to the original Movements article Lee Bae. Distinguishing Traces From the Past. written by Daniel Fiset.

Lee Bae’s artistic practice reveals the complexity of heritage. One of the questions that it raises is how to distinguish between past traces that will be conserved from those that will disappear, and by extension, how to determine what will be passed down to future generations. In this short video from the Movements: Lee Bae series, Amanda Beattie and Daniel Fiset discuss the reflection around heritage embodied by Lee Bae’s connection to charcoal.

Movements is a tool designed by the PHI Foundation's education team to encourage in-depth explorations of key concepts evoked by the works presented in our exhibition Lee Bae: UNION. By highlighting points of conceptual departure, Movements intends to inspire dialogue about the exhibition and encourage visitors to elaborate on the proposed themes through their personal interpretations and reflections. Over time, these concepts are subsequently enriched as they inform new contributions to our evolving conversations about art.

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