Movements: Lee Bae – On “Mind/Body and Ecology”

Publication Date
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

This video is complementary to the original Movements article UNION: The Ecology of Lee Bae’s Forests written by Marie-Hélène Lemaire.

In this Movements: Lee Bae video, Marie-Hélène Lemaire and Pohanna Pyne Feinberg walk through Lee Bae's forest of charcoal trunks. Connected to nature, they ask themselves: what does this forest communicate to us?

Movements is a tool designed by the PHI Foundation's education team to encourage in-depth explorations of key concepts evoked by the works presented in our exhibition Lee Bae: UNION. By highlighting points of conceptual departure, Movements intends to inspire dialogue about the exhibition and encourage visitors to elaborate on the proposed themes through their personal interpretations and reflections. Over time, these concepts are subsequently enriched as they inform new contributions to our evolving conversations about art.

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