Interview with Shanna Strauss and Jessica Sabogal

Publication Date
Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Discover one-on-one discussions about each artist’s work, between the curator and artists from RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting. Here’s an interview with artists Shanna Strauss and Jessica Sabogal.

Shanna Strauss is a Tanzanian-American artist living and working in Tiohtià:ke/ Mooniyaang (Montreal). As a Tanzanian-American, biracial, bilingual woman, Strauss has always been interested in the realities of having to navigate multiple identities, geographic locations, histories, and cultures. Using a mixed-media approach, she currently explores themes related to identity and belonging: in particular, what the people of the African Diaspora bring with them when they settle in new locations, and how they inform the social fabric of the places they call home. In a North American context, the personal stories and societal contributions of Black people are often left out of public narratives.

Jessica Sabogal is a queer Colombian-American muralist from San Francisco whose large-scale public artworks attempt to document and disrupt. She births her creations from the following framework: “As artists, it is our duty to uplift the sacredness of women, people of colour, the differently abled, queer and trans folks, immigrants and the undocumented, and our Indigenous brothers and sisters, who continue to face ongoing oppression and marginalization. We believe in the right to our own liberation, unbounded by man-made borders, white supremacy, and misogyny.”

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