Interview with Rajni Perera

Publication Date
Thursday, July 23, 2020

Discover one-on-one discussions about each artist’s work, between the curator and artists from RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting. Here’s an interview with artist Rajni Perera.

Rajni Perera explores issues of hybridity, sacrilege, irreverence, the indexical sciences, ethnography, gender, sexuality, popular culture, deities, monsters, and dreamworlds. All of these themes come together in a newly objectified realm of mythical symbioses. They are flattened on the medium and made to act as a personal record of impossible discoveries. In her work, Perera seeks to open and reveal the dynamism of these scripturally existent, self-invented, and externally defined icons. She creates a subversive aesthetic that counteracts antiquated, oppressive discourses and acts as a restorative force through which people can shift outdated, repressive modes of being and reclaim their power.

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