Interview with Curtis Talwst Santiago

Publication Date
Friday, July 24, 2020

Discover one-on-one discussions about each artist’s work, between the curator and artists from RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting. Here’s an interview with artist Curtis Talwst Santiago.

The spare, gestural paintings of Curtis Talwst Santiago—a Trinidadian-Canadian artist best known for his miniatures housed in jewelry boxes, often credited to his moniker Talwst—depict lush, tropical landscapes and crude self-portraits in pastel, spray paint, charcoal, oil, and watercolour. Parktown, titled after a neighborhood in Johannesburg where the artist has spent time, centres on a purple goddess presiding over an azure pool and a potted plant—a space of spiritual replenishment surrounded by a barbed-wire fence. Together, these artists manifest worlds in which the psychic costs of diaspora are made material, offering latitude where personal and historical memory can be reckoned with.

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