Interview with Emily Jan

Publication Date
Saturday, October 13, 2018

Emily Jan is a Montreal-based artist and writer. She creates contemporary wunderkammer: large-scale hyper-realistic installations of handmade flora and fauna mixed with found objects that evoke the faraway and the fantastical. To this end, Jan’s work seeks to transport a form of distant experience to the viewer—to stretch the boundaries of our collective imaginings in order to encompass the unseen, to learn to love the unknown as well as the familiar, and to relearn what it means to be a human living in a world roiling with turmoil and catastrophe, but yet still mysterious and beautiful.

Jan’s work has been exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. Recent awards include the Excellence in Fibers Award 2017 (Fiber Art Now and the San Jose Textile Museum, USA) and the People’s Choice Award at Fiberarts International Triennale 2016 (Pittsburgh, USA). She has recently been an Artist in Residence at Gibraltar Point (2018), the Elsewhere Museum (2017) and Denali National Park (2016). She has written and illustrated two books: still life (2014) and A Denali Book of Hours (2017).

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