Bharti Kher: Points de départ, points qui lient – Trailer

Publication Date
Saturday, October 13, 2018

Bharti Kher is known internationally for her signature use of the bindi in works across painting and sculpture. Derived from the Sanskrit word bindu—meaning point, drop, dot or small particle—and rooted in ritual and philosophical traditions, the bindi is a dot applied to the centre of the forehead as a representation of a spiritual third eye. Originally applied with natural pigment, bindis have transformed over time to become a popular, mass produced accessory. Kher reclaims this way of seeing by creating intensely layered and lavish ‘paintings’ that are charged with the bindi’s conceptual and visual links to ideas such as repetition, the sacred and the ritual, appropriation, and a deliberate sign of the feminine. The bindi becomes a language or code we begin to read through works that elicit formal connections with abstract expressionism, op art, and geometric abstraction from Western painting and the tantric and neo-tantric traditions of India. Kher states: “I activate the surface for you to imagine the microcosmic and macro. Remember also that the work looks back at you.”

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