Our Mandate

Established in 2007 by Phoebe Greenberg, the Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing impactful experiences with contemporary art to the public. Each year, the Foundation presents two to three major exhibitions, a series of public events, special collaborative projects, and a forward-thinking education and public engagement program. International in scope while responsive to the local context, all of its programming is free of charge to reinforce its commitment to accessibility and inclusion. Driven by a desire to foster connection through art, the Foundation is a gathering place, committed to nurturing convivial exchanges aimed at spontaneity and respect.

Board of Directors

Phoebe Greenberg
Elias Benhamou


Management Founder and Director
Phoebe Greenberg

Managing Director & Curator
Cheryl Sim

Head – Gallery Management and Event Coordination

Victoria Carrasco
[email protected]
514 866-6767 ext. 4110

Coordonnatrice à l’administration
Magdalena Faye
[email protected]
514 866-6767 ext. 4212

Agent de l’expérience du visiteur en galerie
Johnson Jesuthason
[email protected]

Security Guard
Jaswinder Sidhu

Francis Beaumont-Deslauriers
Victor Chamroeun
Marie-Fei Deguire
Jetro Emilcar
Rihab Essayh
Dina Georgaros
Simon Grenier-Poirier
Kaysie Hawke
Paul Lofeodo
Josée Schryer
Léa Trudel
Sarah Turcotte

Curatorial & Education
Head – Exhibition Coordination and Print Projects
Jon Knowles
[email protected]
514 866-6767, poste 4224

Amanda Beattie
[email protected]
514 866-6767 ext. 4219

Daniel Fiset
[email protected]
514 866-6767 ext. 4219

Tanha Gomes
[email protected]
514 866-6767 ext. 4219

Marie-Hélène Lemaire
[email protected]
514 866-6767 ext. 4219

Technical & Facilities
Head – Technical Department
Grier Edmundson
[email protected]
514 866-6767 ext. 4228

Media Relations
Director, Public Relations and Communications
Myriam Achard
[email protected]
514 866-6767 ext. 5104

Digital Content and Communications Coordinator
Dahlia Cheng
[email protected]
514 866-6767 ext. 4226

Career Opportunities

There are currently no positions available. You may however submit your resume to [email protected].

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