Yoko Ono: Yoga for Peace Sessions by Luna Yoga

Free admission
Date and time
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 to Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 7 PM

The Fondation Phi pour l’art contemporain is happy to invite you to Yoga for Peace sessions, in conjunction with the exhibition LIBERTÉ CONQUÉRANTE/GROWING FREEDOM by Yoko Ono. These one-hour sessions are offered for free, by instructors from Luna Yoga.

May 1 at 7 PM - Francesca Knowles (bilingual)
June 5 at 7 PM - Jennifer Silver (in English)
July 3 at 7 PM - Raymond Dimitri (bilingual)
August 7 at 7 PM - Myriam Turenne (bilingual)
September 5 at 7 PM - Alexandra Kort (in French)

Please note that you will be required to bring your own yoga mat, water bottle and towel.

Reservations required:
Please contact us by email: [email protected]
or by phone: 514-849-3742.

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Raymond Dimitri
In 2015, Raymond began practicing yoga out of curiosity. He quickly realized the physical and mental benefits of this practice. Curiosity turned into a passion, as yoga and meditation transformed the way he approached each day—with more patience, love, and compassion. To deepen his practice, he completed a 250-hour teacher training at Luna Yoga in 2018. Raymond seeks to share his personal experience and knowledge of yoga to promote a healthier and happier lifestyle for all.

Francesca Knowles
Francesca’s journey with yoga began with a feeling that she needed to find an alternative way toward a balanced life. In 2015, having tried many studios, she found a connection with Luna Yoga and its community where, soon afterward, she completed her 250-hour teacher training. What began as a physical practice gradually developed, with the guidance of Luna Yoga teachers, into a spiritual one. Through her own practice and training, she has come to believe that finding peace can begin on the mat and drift gradually into everyday life. Francesca aims to share and cultivate this idea among her students by focusing on connecting body, mind, and spirit.

In recent years, her teachings have become more creative, fluid, and mindful, and include fun challenges for all levels. Her goal is to make the various asanas accessible to all yogis, from beginners to advanced practitioners. She includes fun strength-building exercises in her classes, but also encourages yogis to trust their bodies, building confidence in the Self.

In her spare time, Francesca wanders the world as often as she can, spends every single day with her dog Pepper, and is always looking for an adventure alongside her partner-in-crime. If you need to find her, look for her between the pages of a good book, at an inversion workshop, or in a local rock-climbing centre.

Alexandra Kort
Alexandra began practicing yoga in 2013, during a nomadic period in her life when she was seeking a source of stability and focus. Progressively, through its physical as well as spiritual, philosophical, and energetic aspects, the practice became an unlimited space wherein she could meet with herself and nurture her self-growth and her relationship to the world. Quite naturally, yoga intertwined itself with her other creative and intuitive activities: dancing, writing, and reiki.

In her teaching, Alexandra aims to present yoga as a means to find a deep inner connection and capacity to fully embody the person we are, no matter the modality. Her classes are built out of fluid sequences, linked together with a particular theme and playlist, through which participants may find their own expression.

Jennifer Silver
Jennifer began practicing yoga in 2007. In 2010, she contemplated becoming a teacher—the result of a mom’s need to relax, unwind, and take time for herself. Ever an avid fitness enthusiast and runner, yoga was something new and different, the beginning of a wondrous journey she never could have envisioned.

Better than any workout, yoga changed Jennifer’s approach to life, bringing meaning and calm to her hectic everyday. Seeing yoga’s positive impact, Jennifer changed her focus from merely practising yoga to sharing it with others enthusiastically. Having graduated from Luna’s 250-hour teacher training in 2017, Jennifer now helps others reap the same benefits she once did (and still does!).

A trained musical theatre performer, singer, and voice actor, Jennifer brings a fun-loving, upbeat positivity to her classes, which dovetails harmoniously with her deep love of music. The result? Her classes embrace a dynamic yet grounding practice, which she hopes will leave students energized, focused, and feeling good about themselves and the world around them.

Myriam Turenne
Yoga became an essential part of Myriam’s life following a trip to Cambodia. After many years as a graphic designer and art director in various advertising agencies, she decided to leave that lifestyle and its stresses behind. While seeking to deepen her practice, she met Francesca Knowles, a teacher and manager at Luna Yoga. She immediately joined the studio and decided to sign up for their 250-hour teacher training, which she completed in 2017. Inspired by her teachers Francesca Knowles and Jennifer Silver, both Jivamukti-certified instructors, in 2019 Myriam flew to India to study the Jivamukti method under the guidance of Yogeswari and Ruth Lauer Manenti. She is now a certified Jivamukti teacher.

In 2018, she met her teacher Girish, an internationally known world music artist, and began to tour with him. With Girish assisting as producer, they recorded Myriam’s first album, Invincible, a blend of devotional mantras, singing, music, and contemporary sound (forthcoming).

Combining yoga and music in her classes, Myriam is passionate about sharing her love for the Bhakti yoga tradition with her students.

Photo: Michelle Little


Founded in 2003 by Jennifer Maagendans & Jason Kent, Luna Yoga is an environmentally conscious, community-based yoga studio nestled in the heart of Old Montreal. Offering active and dynamic Yoga Flo and Jivamukti classes, the studio houses a calm and welcoming atmosphere in which students are encouraged to explore and discover their yoga path.

Open seven days a week, we aim to offer a unique approach to yoga that incorporates peace and joy into the invigorating and challenging Vinyasa-style (flow) practice. With an emphasis on breath awareness, alignment, and spiritual studies, our goal is to leave students with an overall sense of bliss and peace, partnered with a deep connection to the earth and to each other.

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