Free admission
Date and time
Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 9 PM

Guest curator: France Jobin

DHC/ART presents LOUNGE, an event presented in the context of the exhibition Ryoji IkedaLOUNGE is an audio project developed in a minimalist aesthetic, the result of a long process of reflection on ways of listening in the context of the public presentation of audio art.

LOUNGE proposes an environment inspired by the architecture of the presentation space, an environment entirely dedicated to listening. The presentation takes its inspiration from the Montreal piano bars of the 1950s and explores new ways of perceiving and experiencing the listening process, all while questioning the relationship between performer and performance, intimacy and immensity, self and solitude, and between human and machine. This exploratory environment serves as backdrop for Seth Horvitz’s “Eight Studies for Automatic Piano” and Laura Cetilia’s captivating approach to the cello, one that combines virtuosity with inventiveness.

In this context of performed sound art, the contrast between acoustic instruments used in very different ways is brought to the fore; one using computer-based composition, and the other using an approach to playing where traditional methods are subverted. These approaches are complemented by a very positive sort of synesthesia created by the presence of the sound in the architectural space. It is in this spirit of synesthesia that LOUNGE forms part of the development of France Jobin’s curatorial practice, highlighting her deep belief that the public’s experience of sound art must happen immersively.


The work of Seth Joshua Horvitz (b. 1973, Los Angeles) crosses many disciplines, among them electronic and experimental music, music for film and dance, sound design, visual design, video, and installation art. His recent projects are primarily concerned with the web of relationships between nature, machines, and human perception. Under his own name and various pseudonyms, he has published music on dozens of record labels including LINE (USA), Mille Plateaux (Germany), and Leaf (UK). As a performer, he has appeared at venues across the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Japan. He holds a BA in Cognitive Science from the University of California at Berkeley (1995) and an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College (2010).

Laura Cetilia is a cellist currently based in Providence, RI. She is comfortable with both acoustic and electronic performance and improvisation, developing extended techniques and technologies that best convey her artistic intentions. Her work manifests itself in many forms. Apart from her solo projects, she is half of the electroacoustic group Mem1, member of the avant garde viola/cello duo Suna No Onna, and collaborator with a number of video artists, including Naho Taruishi, with whom she creates site-specific audiovisual installations.

France Jobin is a sound/installation artist and curator residing in Montreal. She has created solo recordings for ROOM40 (AUS), nvo (AT), ATAK (JP), murmur records (JP) and LINE (USA). Her sound installation Entre-Deux, was met with critical acclaim in Washington, D.C. during the DATA/FIELDS new media exhibit curated by Richard Chartier and including Ryoji Ikeda and Mark Fell among others. As curator, she has presented several events and her latest endeavour is immersound, a concert event/philosophy, which she initiated, and curates.

Seth Horvitz
Study No. 13, piano roll

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