BLACK_GOLD_MIXTAPE by Larry Achiampong

Free admission
Date and time
Saturday, September 26, 2020 from 10 PM to 11 PM

This mixtape collects a selection of beats that I have crafted over the last few years using my trusty Akai MPC1000.

Some of these sounds I have performed live.

I’ve been asked (especially after performances) if I am “DJing someone else’s beats?”—No (lol), I perform the beats live using 3 Roland SP-404s.

The project is a complex mix of samples taken from popular culture, through to social and political commentary, both historical and also, current.

There are no track numbers/titles – I am happy for you to instead focus on listening to (and hearing) what is contained in BLACK_GOLD_MIXTAPE.

Can you find all the samples?

My second born, Zael directed the image that I took.

The title of the mixtape refers to some of mine and Zael’s favourite colours.

This project is also dedicated to Zael.

— Larry Achiampong

Co-presented by the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art and POP Montreal:


Presented in conjunction with the exhibition RELATIONS: Diaspora and Painting, Larry Achiampong’s BLACK_GOLD_MIXTAPE is an audio visual performance reflecting on our current context of the pandemic and social issues, through sounds, vocal testimonies and beats, resulting in different scores, ambiances and aesthetic sounds, extending past Achiampong’s projects Meh Mogya (Sample of Me) and More Mogya

The mixtape will be shared online and the physical cover, through the making of a poster, will be available for purchase at the PHI Foundation. Proceeds will go to Hoodstock.

Hoodstock generates dialogue and mobilizing initiatives to eliminate systemic inequalities and develop united, safe and dynamic communities. 

Curated by Victoria Carrasco, PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art

To share your Stories and experiences with Larry Achiampong, reach him here on Instagram: @larryachiampong

To listen to the mixtape, please visit:

Posters by Larry Achiampong will be sold here:
PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art
465 Saint-Jean Street
[email protected]
514 849-3742
Price: $20
Dimensions: 19" x 10.5"

Album artwork by Zael Grace-Rose Achiampong & Larry Achiampong

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Larry Achiampong
Drawing on his Ghanaian roots, Larry Achiampong’s solo and collaborative projects employ imagery, aural and visual archives, live performance, and sound to explore ideas surrounding class, cross-cultural, and post-digital identities. With increased sharing of information via the Internet, the idea of a one-size- fits-all version of history continues to be challenged and rewritten. Achiampong crate-digs the vaults of history, and splices the aural and visual qualities of personal and interpersonal archives, offering multiple perspectives that reveal the socio-political contradictions in contemporary society. Achiampong’s works examine his communal and personal heritage—in particular, the intersection between pop culture and the postcolonial situation, using performance to investigate “the self” as a fiction and devising alter-egos pointing toward divided selves. 


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