Bring Down The Walls: Pat Boogie, Lost Heroes and Trevor Walker

Free admission, limited places
Date and time
Saturday, December 7, 2019 from 11 PM to 6 AM

As part of the Phil Collins exhibition, the Phi Foundation for Contemporary Art presents four events within the framework of the installation Bring Down The Walls. The public is invited to take part in "school day" informative sessions and workshops on prison abolition, followed by "club nights" organized by Montreal-based and international music collectives.

For the second Club Night of this series, the Phi Foundation presents an all-Canadian line-up including Montreal’s own Pat Boogie, Lost Heroes, and Ottawa’s Mercury Lounge resident DJ, Trevor Walker.

Set Times
11 PM – Pat Boogie
1 AM – Trevor Walker
3 AM – Lost Heroes

Programming by Fred Everything

School Day
During the day, don't miss the round table titled The Carceral Continuum, with the participation of Vicki Chartrand, Sheri Pranteau, the Prisoner Correspondence Project, Jude Claude of Bar None Winnipeg and DESTA Black Youth Network.

About Bring Down The Walls
Organised in May 2018 in New York City by artist Phil Collins, Creative Time, The Fortune Society, and over 100 collaborators, Bring Down The Walls was a three-part public art project which turned an unconventional lens on the prison industrial complex through house music and nightlife.

Originating as a public art project, Bring Down The Walls consisted of a communal space that functioned as an open school by day and dance club by night, as well as a benefit album of classic house tracks re-recorded by formerly incarcerated vocalists and electronic musicians. For the exhibition at the Phi Foundation, Collins proposes Bring Down The Walls (2019), an installation version of this project reconfigured specifically for the Montréal context and the space at 465 Saint-Jean Street, with corresponding public programming that will build on the discussions and relationships that began in New York.

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Bring Down The Walls Montreal Schedule
November 9, 2019
December 7, 2019
School Days: 1 PM to 6 PM
Club Nights: 11 PM to 6 AM

February 8, 2020
March 7, 2020
School Days: 1 PM to 6 PM
Club Nights: 9:30 PM to 3:30 AM


Pat Boogie
This guy has done it all! His secret? Apart from his incredible mixing skills and unique music selection, staying open-minded, keeping constantly in touch with both underground house/techno and pop urban cultures, and continuously reinventing himself, is what kept Pat Boogie remaining among the top Canadian DJs for almost two decades. Also by taking part in cutting edge major house/techno events and music festivals, he truly became one of the main leading faces of the Montreal scene, and each of his DJ sets is a unique musical and dance floor experience.

Trevor Walker
Trevor Walker has been in the DJ business since 1988, playing in numerous venues and parties over the years including a 22-year weekly residency at the Mercury Lounge.
Trevor brings a unique blend to his sets that take listeners on a journey through many different styles but mostly focused on deep, funky, trippy, jazzy and techy grooves.

The “Dancefloor Jazz/Funk/Global Soul” idea remains the binding influence behind the music he plays, as well as with the deep sounds he produces; giving him the flexibility to incorporate and investigate different sounds in his sets. Trevor Walker’s ability to get a dance floor moving is in no doubt attributed to roots as a break dancer, coupled with the many years of experience playing for demanding dance floors. He knows what makes people move.

Lost Heroes
As part of the second Bring Down The Walls Club Night, Christian Pronovost aka Lost Heroes proposes to revisit and explore the foundations of the underground house/techno/post disco music movement in its most raw, naive, festive mood and sometimes even psychedelic. A modern perspective on the soundtrack of endless nights, illicit warehouse gatherings, loft parties, underground clubs and other refuge spaces for the hedonists, the marginalized, and the LGBTQ+ community (circa late 80s early 90s).

Phil Collins, Bring Down The Walls, 2019. Three-channel video installation; colour, sound; 87 min. Civic space; nightclub; double 12” benefit compilation. Photo: Myles Loftin. Courtesy Shady Lane Productions, Berlin.

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