DHC/ART Education Open House: Workshop and Guided Visits

Free admission
Date and time
Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 1 PM

DHC/ART Education invites visitors of all ages to its open house on Saturday November 10, from 1 to 5 PM. Join us, along with artist duo Leisure, in taking part in the workshop A Dance of Symbols, offered on an ongoing and drop-in basis.

A Dance of Symbols, created by Leisure in collaboration with DHC/ART Education, invites participants to choose an abstract form—a circle, a square or a triangle—and move through different stations to create their own personal symbolic object. Stations will be comprised of tactile creative interventions such as gradients, stencils, stamps, and stripes. Individual symbolic objects, once completed, will become props for a collective performance. Participants are invited to manipulate their forms during a live composition that will be documented: each group will leave with an instant photo as a memento.

Additionally, during the open house, DHC/ART Education will offer guided visits of Jasmina Cibic: Everything That You Desire and Nothing That You Fear. The guided visit in French will be at 1:30 PM and the guided visit in English at 3 PM.

No reservation required.

Photo: Dahlia Cheng

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