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Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at 7 PM

Dissections is a panel series presented by DHC/ART Education. The event is designed to encourage an interdisciplinary discussion on contemporary art. Speakers will propose concepts, themes and approaches inspired by the exhibition IMAGINE BRAZIL and linked to their own research interests. Following the presentations, the audience will be invited to take part in a public discussion.

Francine Couture, art sociologist
Julie Alary Lavallée, art historian
Alexander Pilis, artist, architect and curator

Dissections is an accessible and bilingual event.

IMAGINE BRAZIL runs until March 13, 2016.


Francine Couture was a Professor in UQAM’s Art History department from 1974 to 2010. She is currently Associate Professor in the same department. Her research projects, guided by art sociology, interrogate the ways in which contemporary art relates to artistic institutions and social contexts. She has edited two books about visual arts in Quebec in the 1960s. She also coordinated the publication of the following books: Exposer l’art contemporain au Québec: Discours d’intention et d’accompagnement, questioning the role of the exhibition in the construction of cultural identities, and Variation et pérennité des œuvres contemporaines?, about re-exhibiting works which have a potential variability.

Julie Alary Lavallée is a PhD student in the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Art History at Concordia University. Her research on large-scale exhibitions of contemporary Indian art presented abroad focuses on their reception and identity politics in the fields of museum, diaspora and global studies. She is the communications and archives coordinator of the artist-run centre OPTICA and is published on a regular basis by art galleries and art magazines. Recipient of the Concordia University Graduate Doctoral Fellowship – FOFA, Julie Alary Lavallée sits on the Board of Directors of Studio XX as vice-president and is a member of the centre’s programming committee.

Alexander Pilis was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and currently lives and works between Montreal and São Paulo. He is an un-disciplined architectural investigator, artist and curator working under the aegis of Architecture Parallax – a methodology that displaces sight as the singular verification of reality. Furthermore, Pilis instigates a multi-media project exploring issues and questions raised by “the blind architect” as a critique of the modernization of vision and the collapse of the depth of field. He is Part-Time Faculty in the MFA department at Concordia University and was previously Director of the Global Architecture São Paulo Program in the John H. Daniels, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, University of Toronto. Pilis has exhibited, taught, lectured, delivered workshops and published internationally, in Canada, USA, England, Spain, Germany, Italy and Brazil. He is represented by Galeria Virgilio in São Paulo, Brazil.

Installation view, IMAGINE BRAZIL, 2015-2016, DHC/ART. From Left to right: by Paulo Nazareth, Promessas de amor, [Promises of Love], 2012-2014; Ol Ori Buruku [You are a stupid person], 2015; SAMBA, 2013-2014; Untitled, 2013-2014; Untitled, 2014; Untitled, 2014; Black Power (From Afro Comb series), 2015; Esfregão [Mop], 2013; Untitled, 2014; Elefante / Mapa [Elephant / map], 2013; Figurinha repetida [Repeated figurine], 2014. Photo: Richard-Max Tremblay.

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