Email Thread: Art and Mutual Aid – A conversation between Sheena Hoszko and Daniel Fiset

Free admission
Date and time
Tuesday, May 5, 2020 from 3 PM to 4 PM

The Ethos of the Foundation is a series of live events and new content that showcases our notion of care and service, as a holistic approach to presentation practices in contemporary art from the ground up and the top down. It features our research, philosophy, operations and programming. It showcases the talent and truly innovative initiatives that distinguish the Foundation, particularly within the Canadian context.

The second event of this series is a live conversation between artist Sheena Hoszko and Daniel Fiset, adjunct curator of engagement at the PHI Foundation. Their conversation, inspired by the development of the art workshop Bâches Bleues Against Harm that was offered at the PHI Foundation last fall/winter, will address art in relation to mutual aid. This conversation is the starting point for an online zine project created through email exchanges between Hoszko and other artists. This zine wants to go slow and steady into spring, into the unknown.

3 PM – Conversation
3:30 PM – Q&A

Duration: 60 min

To take part in this event, you must have Zoom ( installed on your computer or smartphone.

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Sheena Hoszko
Sheena Hoszko is a sculptor, anti-prison organizer, and Polish settler living and working in Tio'tia:ke / Mooniyang / Montréal. Her art practice examines the power dynamics of geographic, architectural, and psychological sites, and is informed by her family’s experiences with incarceration, the military, and mental illness. Selected exhibitions include Centre Clark and La Centrale (Montreal), A Space (Toronto), Artspace (Peterborough), The New Gallery (Calgary), Blackwood Gallery (Mississauga), and La Ferme du Buisson (Paris). Hoszko presented at the Queens Museum (NYC) as part of Open Engagement. Her writing has appeared in MICE Magazine and within Free Inside: The Life and Work of Peter Collins, published by Ad Astra Comix.

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