Happening: Shaw Attack Workshop

Free admission
Date and time
Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 7 PM

An historic premiere at DHC/ART!

BOCA Gallery invites you to witness a minor moment in history as the first, 1 in 7.046 billion, 100% individually-directed, internet-mediated ad campaign is entered into the Google AdSense database. It’s goal? To steer legendary NBA superstar and eccentric curator/art collector Shaquille O’Neal into a page containing an artwork custom tailored to Shaq’s unique artistic sensibility.

With a single click of their mouse, BOCA’s intimately researched custom search term profile will lie dormant and ready — just waiting for the inevitable moment that a user — the user — enters enough search terms (weather, Florida, NBA, Shaq is the Best, Call of Duty, Escalade, Smart Car, among others) for Google’s algorithms to predict, with relative certainty, that the searcher is none other than Shaq himself.

A banner advertisement will appear, seamlessly integrated into whatever website Shaq happens to be on at that moment, and it will ask the simple, humble question which might change online advertising forever: “You Shaq? If you’re Shaquille O’Neal click here.” Can Shaq resist? Could you?

Shaq Attack is a project conceived by Matt Goerzen and Julian Garcia under the BOCA Gallery conceptual framework.

Information: [email protected]

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