Montreal Museums Day 2018

Free admission
Date and time
Sunday, May 27, 2018 at 11 AM

On Sunday, May 27, DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art will take part in the 33rd edition of Montreal Museums Day. Discover the exhibition Bharti Kher: Points de départ, points qui lient and take part in a special edition of the public project Traces: Whereabouts, presented in the lobby of 465 St-Jean Street. This drop-in activity is offered free of charge.

The activity is inspired by works presented in the exhibition: a series of Mercator maps that Bharti Kher has covered and crossed with bindis. In these works, the artist questions the visual bias of this dominant cartography that distorts certain territories and bodies of water for the benefit of others. Visitors will be able to intervene on a mosaic of maps that represent Montréal through history, to create trajectories that drift, burst, radiate and proliferate.

Traces: Whereabouts is part of the education program for the exhibition Bharti Kher: Points de départ, points qui lient.

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Montage: Daniel Fiset. Maps from the BAnQ, the Ville de Montréal archives, the Montreal Map Project by the McGill University libraries,, and the Decolonial Atlas.

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