Traces: Veiled/Unveiled

Date and time
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Traces: Veiled/Unveiled

Veiled/Unveiled is a public project presented by DHC/ART Education in conjunction with the exhibition Jasmina Cibic: Everything That You Desire and Nothing That You Fear, presented from October 25, 2018, to March 3, 2019.

For this exhibition, our Traces space is transformed into a photo booth. Play with the curtains to choose the background of your image, layering the different fabrics to create effects of texture and colour. Choose an accessory and strike a pose for the tablet’s camera. Once your photo is taken, follow the instructions on the tablet to receive a copy by email or text message. You are also invited to share your image on social media using the hashtag #dhctraces.

Our photo station takes inspiration from the photo booths found at Expo 67, as well as the passports printed for its visitors. On this site where different national identities cross paths, the presence of these photographs evokes the tensions between personal and political representations. How will you choose to represent yourself? Will your picture remain private or will it become public? Does the placement of this photo booth in an art gallery space influence your self-representation? If so, how?

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