Traces: (Re)capitulation

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Traces: (Re)capitulation

(Re)capitulation is an ongoing public project presented by DHC/ART Education for the duration of Come and See.   It is inspired by Shitrospective, through which Jake and Dinos Chapman present an overview, tainted by self-mockery, of their own art practice.  Using pieces of cardboard that have been cut, torn, painted and glued, the artists recreate major (and often controversial) works from some twenty-odd years of artistic production.  These small cardboard sculptures offer visitors a survey of the themes the artists broach in their work, such as violence, sexuality, death and excess.  Through the use of modest materials and a rough aesthetic, which goes against the precision with which the Chapmans usually work, Shitrospective is a parody — a caustic and insolent vision of mid-career retrospectives organized by major museum institutions.

After visiting Come and See, visitors are invited to come down to the REFERENCE room at 451 Saint-Jean Street to create their own cardboard sculpture and add it to our growing collection.  Materials are free and available on-site.

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