The PHI Foundation launches the podcast series The Aura

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The PHI Foundation launches the podcast series The Aura

Built on a shared commitment to connecting art with audiences, the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art and Phi have collaborated on The Aura, a new podcast series that takes the listener inside and outside the work of art in discussion with those who create, curate, write, think about, and enjoy contemporary art.

In each episode, PHI Foundation curator and managing director Cheryl Sim speaks one-on-one with internationally celebrated artists and personalities to explore the work of art as an expression of the questions and preoccupations that inhabit the mind and soul. Through the sharing of stories, thoughts and impressions, The Aura opens up a discussion on the practice of art and life to underscore how artists of our time speak to the questions, concerns and subjects that reflect and touch our everyday lives.

The Aura is conceived and organized by the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art, produced by PHI and recorded at the PHI Centre in Montreal.

Season 1 — Episodes

New episode airing each Tuesday, starting on March 24.

03/24 - Episode 1: Ed Atkins: Expressing the Inexpressible (listen)
03/31 - Episode 2: Kira Perov: Realizing Time With Bill Viola (listen)
04/07 - Episode 3: Phil Collins: Convening and Communing Through the Camera’s Lens (listen)
04/14 - Episode 4: Lee Mingwei: The Art of Making Art With Strangers (listen)
04/21 - Episode 5: Sonny Assu: Snap, Crackle and Pop (listen)
04/28 - Episode 6: Bharti Kher: Returning the Gaze (listen)
05/05 - Episode 7: Jasmina Cibic: Statecraft/Stagecraft (listen)
05/12 - Episode 8: Gunnar B. Kvaran: Yoko Ono and GROWING FREEDOM (listen)

To listen to The Aura, visit our Explore section.

Also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and SoundCloud.

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