Peripheral Observations
An Evening of Music

Guest curator:
Eric Mattson

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Maxwell-Cummings Auditorium
1379 Sherbrooke West

April 21, 2011 - 7:00 pm


DHC/ART presents this special evening of music in conjunction with the exhibition by minimalist- conceptual artist Ceal Floyer on view until May 16, 2011.

This program offers the Montreal audience a presentation of five exceptional musicians coming from diverse musical backgrounds and puts forth works recognized for their conceptual process and the production of what can be called ‘minimal’ music.

Like the exhibition by Ceal Floyer, which is underscored by a variety of proposals, this program puts the emphasis on an awareness of the diversity and coherence of current musical creation. As much as through our perception of the works by Ceal Floyer as through an active listening experience of the compositions in this program, we are free to see and hear the magic that is offered to us.

Free admission

Limited number of seats: first come, first seated.


Richard Garet (NYC, USA), “Light Field III”, A/V performance
Composition: Richard Garet

Xenia Pestova (Montréal, QC), “Being and Becoming”, for toy piano and triggered audio
Composition: Lou Bunk

Charles Curtis (San Diego, USA), “Naldjorlak”, for cello
Composition: Éliane Radigue

Jon Mueller (Milwaukee, USA)
“I almost expect to be remembered as a chair”, for percussions, electronics
Composition: Jon Mueller


Richard Garet interweaves multiple media including moving image, sound, live performances, and photography. He is interested in the phenomena found and produced in time-based media, and human beings’ relationship with both artificial and natural environments. His audiovisual exploratory steps are focused on concept and function, material and process, listening, viewing, and experience. He is also interested in the vast landscape of noise that surrounds him, and how these noises establish the background-sonic-field that he experiences on a daily basis; consciously or unconsciously. He has exhibited and performed in many countries and his sound compositions have been published through various labels.

Xenia Pestova is a pianist with a special interest in presenting contemporary works alongside traditional repertoire. Following childhood music education in piano and composition in Russia, Xenia continued her studies in the UK, the Netherlands, France and Canada. In addition to solo recitals, Xenia enjoys collaboration with other musicians and has performed as an ensemble pianist and soloist with various international ensembles. She has a piano duo with Luxembourg pianist Pascal Meyer, which focuses on an exciting and dynamic repertoire of the present day, and she is a founding member and artistic director of the Montreal-based new music collective, The Contemporary Keyboard Society.

Acknowledged internationally as a cello performer of new and experimental music, Charles Curtis has been closely associated for over fifteen years with the legendary avant-garde composer La Monte Young as director of Young’s Theatre of Eternal Music String Ensemble. As an outgrowth of his intensive presence in the New York avant-garde rock scene, Curtis has evolved into a creative artist straddling the boundaries between art rock, sound art and minimalist composition. He has toured intensively as a soloist and he has led larger ensembles in concerts mixing his own works with the works of avant-garde composers whom he champions (La Monte Young, Morton Feldman, Alvin Lucier and Éliane Radigue).

As an active drummer and percussionist over the past 25 years, Jon Mueller became increasingly focused on a physical dialog between situation and material, often bypassing standard approaches to percussion and considering the space in which that sound is presented in order to create a larger experience for those listening. He has collaborated with artists such as James Plotkin, Marcus Schmickler, Dan Burke, Asmus Tietchens, Lionel Marchetti, Z’EV, Jason Kahn, Jack Wright…. He ran the imprint Crouton from 1999 to 2009, because of an interest in how people experience packaged sound and writing. He actually focus exclusively on

Eric Mattson is an independent curator in sound art and new media. He also programs events in digital art and music. He is known for his obsessive research into music and the promotion of experimental and adventurous music. Amongst his recent productions are Le Son à des Jambes, an exhibition of kinetic and sound works presented at a number of artist-run centers and galleries, Études Phénoménales, presented in December of 2010 at Axenéo 7 with artists Jean-Pierre Aubé and Mathieu Beauséjour, a series of six exhibitions from a series entitled Ondes, immanance ou matérialité, currently on view as part of the 2010-2011 program at the gallery Action Art Actuel. Eric Mattson is a member of the collective Minute, an organization for the dissemination of media art practices and is also the Director of the record label ORAL.