A look back at Dissections: Wim Delvoye

March 1, 2017

On February 14, DHC/ART Education presented Dissections: Wim Delvoye at the Museum of Fine Arts’ Maxwell-Cummings Auditorium. For this event, we have invited American art historian Isabelle Loring Wallace for a lecture on Delvoye’s œuvre. Inspired by her own research, Wallace offered an interpretation of the presentation of the Suppo series in several museums, and analysed the recurring presence of the gothic and the baroque in Delvoye’s work.

The lecture can now be viewed in its entirety.

We gratefully acknowledge Isabelle Loring Wallace for her rigorous ideas, as well as Danielle Roberge and the entire team at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for their continued collaboration.

Daniel Fiset
DHC/ART Education

Photo credits: Marc-Olivier Bécotte