Kino Club
Beyond Words:
Photographers of War

451 St-Jean Street

With guest Nikola Stepic

December 11, 2014 - 6:00 pm


On December 11, 2014, DHC/ART Education is pleased to launch the Winter edition of Kino Club, a film series linked to the exhibitions Valérie Belin: Surface Tension and Richard Mosse: The Enclave. This screening marks the beginning of our collaboration with Serbia-based VIVISECTfest – Festival on Human Rights.

Kino Club presents an occasion for conversation and exchange on contemporary art and its links to cinema and culture. It is in this spirit that we invite you to the REFERENCE room (451 St-Jean) on four Thursdays throughout the upcoming months for the screening of a movie selected by one of the educators at DHC/ART.  Prior to the projection, we will discuss the film and its links to the exhibition with an invited guest.

Free admission

December 11, 2014, 6 PM

dir. Marija Gajicki, Serbia
Serbian with English subtitles
(15 min)

Beyond Words: Photographers of War
dir. Eric Foss et Greg Kelly, Canada
(57 min)

Hosted by educator Daniel Fiset, with guest Nikola Stepic, executive member of VIVISECTfest.

About VIVISECTfest

The name of the festival VIVISECTfest is derived from the short documentary film, VIVISECT, by director Marija Gajicki.  This film is about photographer Ron Haviv’s exhibition Blood and Honey presented in the city of Novi Sad in 2002. Haviv’s exhibition depicted images of conflict in ex-Yugoslavia taken in the 1990s, and was at the heart of a controversy surrounding the style of presenting the images and the variety of reactions that the viewers had in front of the harsh content of the photographs.

VIVISECTfest is an educational and artistic forum in which participants are invited to confront various international issues related to human rights. VIVISECTfest’s mission fits perfectly with Kino Club, which involves an exchange on the content of the exhibitions presented at DHC/ART.  The experience of bringing the two together will encourage a collective exchange on the links between current documentary production and contemporary art.